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Oct 14, 2009 at 07:34 PM

Unable to Open BEx file created using NWBC client



I am working on EhP3 & NWBC Client.

I tried to export an ALV report to "BEx Analyzer" using the option "Export -> BEx Analyzer".

If I select the option "Open" in the subsequent pop-up, it just opens an Excel window and nothing appears after that. Not even a workbook gets created.

If I select to save and then open the saved ".bex" file, an excel window opens up. But immediately I get the "Microsoft Visual Basic Error" stating "Run-Time error: '91': Object variable or With block variable not set".

If I choose "debug" option, visual basic code window appears. I get to the following line there.

Public Function LogOn(Optional iUser As String = "", Optional iSystemId As String = "", Optional iServer As String = "", Optional iSysNo As Long = 0, Optional iClient As String = "", Optional iLanguage As String = "", Optional iSNCName As String = "", Optional iSNCQuality As String = "", Optional iTicket As String = "") As Boolean

LogOn = pAddin.ExcelInterface.LogOn(iUser:=iUser, iSystemId:=iSystemId, iServer:=iServer, iSysNo:=iSysNo, iLanguage:=iLanguage, iClient:=iClient, iSNCName:=iSNCName, iSNCQuality:=iSNCQuality, iTicket:=iTicket)

End Function

I believe "pAddin" object is not getting initialized and hence the error.

Is anyone having any idea why this problem is happening?

How do I fix this?