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Oct 14, 2009 at 05:45 AM

Reporting Issue


Hi experts,

I am into a support project, I got one issue.

one finanace reconcilation report (custom) is here, when I execute this report with the fallowing selections.

Co. Code - N1

fiscial period - 009.2009

currency - 10

for this N1 co code in the report haveing 3 columns

1. BW Balance

2. R/3 Balance

3. diff Balance( which means BW balance - R/3 balance).

by this selections I found difference in the 3rd column(diff balance).

If I give selection as below,

co. code - N1 to N5

fiscial period - 009.2009

currency - 10

then I did not find any values in 3rd column(diff balance).

my task is to find why the diff balance is found if i give single co. code in the variable screen.