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Default storage bins in LT03

Nov 21, 2016 at 01:30 PM


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Hello all,

When creating a Transfer Order (TO) for delivery (T-Code LT03), the system will pick the storage bin according to the strategy maintained. And there's an option to make the system pick a default (fixed) storage bin based on the storage bin maintained in the settings:

SPRO --> LE --> WM --> Activities --> Transfers --> Define Movement types

This allows only one default storage bin.

Is there a way to make the system pick from a predefined list of storage Bins. For example, the first priority is BIN001, BIN002 then BIN003.

Is there a user exit or enhancement which can be used for this purpose?

Thank you

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2 Answers

Manish Kumar Nov 21, 2016 at 02:31 PM

You can write your own picking strategy in exit MWMTO004

Have a look on the below link for list of user exit & FM available

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Raghu Govindarajan Nov 21, 2016 at 04:13 PM

A simpler way without fixed bins is to use the Pick Sort field in LAGP (LAGP-REIHF). You can change this one at a time using LS01/2N or en-mass using LS11. In SPRO, you can set rules for the en-mass pick sort under SPRO -> Logistics Execution -> Warehouse Management -> Strategies -> Define Sort Sequence for Stock Removal (Picking).

For fixed bin, you can have only 1 per storage type. If your list of bins in short or your operation allows, you can have a multiple fixed bin storage types with one bin each and setup your search strategy in OMLY. You could do something similar with Sections, or bin types where you are getting the system to work for you even though that is not what these features are built for. What you loose by using these methods is that in future if you want to something that the system is built for, such as large-small picking, you will be stuck with your custom use.

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