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Oct 13, 2009 at 10:55 PM



I am posting this message as a second message to same problem because my first attempt was not readable. And I have narrowed my problem.

I am updating a PI system (dual stack) from NW7 SPS14 to NW7.01 SPS3 using EHPI.

It fails during the DEPLOY_ONLINE_DEPL of the Java side.

I have double checked the SAP*(java) and SDM user passwords and also the user store is correct.

The reason is because the SDM server is being shutdown by the SAPjup.

The failing step is deployment of SAP_JAVASL with the message "Cannot update SDM. Could not auto-update SDM Server. Cannot execute java process for AutoUpdate. return code condition success evaluated to false for process java.exe for action ACTION_AUTO_UPDATE".

I understand that the SDM is being patched during this step, so it makes sense that the SDM server is shutdown during this step. However at the same time the JSPM is trying to auto update the SDM.

How do I progress through this?

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