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Oct 13, 2009 at 08:39 PM

Material Ledger Close (CKMLCP) -problem executing during the month


Due to our tight closing schedule, we are attempting to pre-run the Material Ledger close (CKMLCP) process and Value Flow Monitor (CKMVFM) on the last 2 days of the month in order to catch any issues before the first workday of the close, when it is too late to do many of the normal processes that would correct the problems in our system. The issue we are having is that some of our production plants are 24/7 and we are not getting good results in our test run due to new transactions that get posted while we are running the CKMLCP steps, resetting the material statuses. For example between the Single level and multi level calculations for a given material, a goods movement might get posted that resets the material status from "single level calculated" back to "quantities and values entered", which leads to errors when the multilevel calculation tries to roll up the WAC variances.

Has anyone encountered this issue, and how did you get around it? Currently, we can only think of locking people out of the system while we are running the pre-checks, but we know the users will balk at that suggestion.


Burns Thomas