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i18n in NW04


I'm preparing a project for translating our project for a foreign customer and intend to use the standard xliff method provided by Java / WDP. Basically I got the whole thing working, meaning copying an .xlf file, adding the language code to the filename, edit the new file with the S2X editor in developer studio and the translated text neatly appears in the application.

Since our project consists of hundreds of xlf files, we want an external translation company to do the translations. They will probably don't have a netweaver developer studio available, but since xliff is a standard I went looking for external xliff program for testing this procedure.

The translations I did with these programs (tried 3 of them) did not get picked up by WDP, so I analyzed the XML itself in the xlf files. According to the specifications these programs put the translated text into < target > tags, but when translating text with the S2X editor in developer studio, the translated text is stored within the < source > tags. So here I found the reason translations aren't picked up. It is even so that an .xlf file with translation done in an external program gets converted to netweaver 'standards' completely disregarding (and discard) the target tags.

We're on NW04, SP19. Is this a known error? Am I missing something here? To me it seems xliff 1.1 is not implemented correctly, disabling external programs to do the translations. Are there known workarounds or SAP notes concerning this issue?


Chris van de Wouw

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2 Answers

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    Oct 13, 2009 at 02:39 PM

    I found that the application Swordfish is able to edit the source tag, instead of adding a target tag for the translation. This basically solves my problem, though we need to find a translation company who is able and willing to provide the translation that way.

    Still I would like to have some confirmation/explanation on the state of xliff 1.1 specification used in WDP on NW04.

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    Jan 14, 2010 at 10:05 AM


    I have also tested the Swordfish app and that looks quite good for the main translation process. But how is it possible to get managed with the xlf-files if I do any changes on the project?

    For example:

    - moving any messages/text from one DC to another

    -changing the gui, for example moving a labeled UI-Element to another container (so the UI-path in the "resname" tag changes and existing translation with the old path couldn't be found again!)

    - generall check if all text/labels are existing in the translated xlf files

    - ...

    We are doing all these stuff now manually, what's quite hard, complicated, erroneous and takes a lot of time. Furthermore I couldn't find any practical tools from SAP, I can't believe that's the only possibilityfor this kind of work, what should we do with really great projects?! (currently we supports only 3 languages, but also this takes too much time)

    We work also with NW04, SP19 and use it in Web Dynpro applications.

    Thanks for any helpful suggestions!



    Edited by: Stefan Portmann on Jan 14, 2010 11:22 AM

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