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Can ATC approval/rejection emails be customized?

We are in the final stretch to activate blocking on task release when the ATC-checks encounter priority 1 or 2 findings. After going live, we expect to receive exemption requests from developers. These shouldn't be too numerous as I tweaked message priorities a lot so that most of them will just show up with priority 3 and therefore not cause a block (as explained in Part 3 of my blog series about setting up a central ATC-system).

When we played through requesting an exemption and then rejecting it, the requester received an email looking like this mock-up:

So, the only thing the developer immediately sees is that his exemption was rejected.

Is there an option - apart from a modification - to add the content of field SATC_CI_EXEMPT-APPR_COMMENT (or perhaps other fields we deem of interest) to the email?

I think it would speed things up if the developer immediately knew whether he needs to take additional action and if so which one. If we for example add something like "please use available EC-command .... in the code instead" as the approver message, the developer could directly go to the code to do that instead of making a detour via the ATC-Browser.

And a just somewhat related question regarding these emails: is the language used for the emails always determined by the logon language of the approver and if yes, can this be overriden to always be English? If this is not possible, we'll have to make sure that whoever handles exemptions logs on in English. Otherwise, some international recipients may not understand the emails they get!

We are on NW 7.50 with EHP8 in the satellite and NW 7.52 in the central ATC system.

Thanks and Cheers


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  • While looking for something else - namely why notification emails didn't go out to approvers when developers (who are not also approvers) requested an exemption - I happened upon the code where the emails I'd like to tweak get generated:


    Methods: send_notification, append_standard_text, append_object_list

    It doesn't look as if enhancements are possible in that area :-(

  • Olga Dolinskaja

    Hi Olga - I hope it's okay to try and get your attention via an @ mention? According to the responses I received to a "Netiquette" question in the Coffee Corner it seems an okay-thing to do, but if you prefer to not be notified this way, I'll refrain from doing it again.

    With the code I found yesterday, I "fear" that I can answer my own question, namely that tweaking the notification emails isn't possible at the moment without a modification. But, do you think that a feature like customizing the content of ATC-notification emails might be of wider interest and could therefore be added to the functionality?

    Thanks much and Cheers


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    Jan 07 at 10:08 AM

    From what I heard in early December, changeable email text is a feature already planned (but I don't know when it'll become available).

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