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Oct 13, 2009 at 01:33 AM

ID Point for Storage Type V.S. Value in Storage Type Search Table.


I am trying to perform a GR without PO (MVT 501) for material ABC into Plant 1000, Warehouse number 100, Storage Location 0100.

During creation of Transport Order, the Destinated Storage Type appeared

is 011 (ID point for st.ty.010). However, the desired Destinated Storage Type should be 015 (High Rack) instead of 011.

I have checked the following configuration:

1. At the SPRO->LE->WM->Master Data->Define Storage Type, the value set for Field: Assigned ID (Identification point) for storage type under the Stock Placement Control = 011 (ID point for st.ty.010).

2. At the Storage Type Search Strategy, 015 is put as the first Storage Type, followed by Storage Type 001 (high Rack Storage)

3. And I found out that using LX03 (Bin Status Report) that there is no

Storage Bin created for the combination of the following

Plant 1000, WN 100, SLOC 0100, Storage Type 015, Storage Section 001

Since we do not have any Storage Bin created for Storage Type 015, it will display 011 as the destinated storage type during TO creation.

My question

After I have manually created a Storage Bin 03-01-01 for storage type 015, during the TO Creation, system still suggests 011 as Destinated Storage Type instead of the 015 I put in the 1st column of the Storate Type Search.

I already have the Storage Bin created for Storage Type 015, why the system still fails to pick it but suggests 011 from Assigned ID (Identification point) for storage type.