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Oct 12, 2009 at 05:21 PM

Need help with Pick List calculations



i have a serious problem with the calculations in the pick list.

I try to rebuild the function for the calculation of "Open to Pick" and "Available to Pick".

I have found this entry in the SAP Business One 2007 help:

Open to Pick:

<the number of the ordered items per order line> u2013 (<delivered items per order line> + <released items in other pick lists>)

so i tried this (i know this is not valid SQL, i have chosen this representation to keep it simple)

RDR1.Quantity - ( RDR1.DelivrdQty + (select sum(RelQtty) from PKL1 T0 inner join RDR1 T1 on BaseObject = '17' and OrderEntry = DocEntry and OrderLine = LineNum where T0.PickStatus = 'R' and ItemCode = 'xx'' and AbsEntry <> 'xxx') - PKL1.PickQtty)

But this does not work correctly

For "Available to Pick" i tried this:

(SELECT OnHand from OITW where ItemCode = 'xx'' and WhsCode = 'xxx") - PKL1.PickQtty

There is also an error in this calculation.

Can someone tell me, how this two fields are calculated ?

It isn't visible in the Report and the values are not saved in the database.

Thank you very much for all your help.