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Oct 11, 2009 at 06:32 AM

Load Runner - stress test for BI java report(WAD 7.0) error


Dear all:

Our project implement the SAP Portal 7.0(NW2004s, BW/EP SP14) and before we go-live, we use the Load Runner 8.0 to test the performance of SAP BW Java reports.

1. We develop the BI report basing WAD 7.x, setup Iview in sap EP for BI report and get the BI report URL.

2. We fill the report URL in IE(6.0) to run this report and display the bi report successfully ,

eg: http://epserver:50000/irj/servlet/prt/portal/prtroot/

3. Use the LOADRUNNER to make one performance testing for this URL:

1)We record the BI report's URL basing HTML protocal and replay it successfully. But when we run the script with the more than 2 Vusers, there are errors.

2)The record script can only run with 1 Vusers! If we run with 2 or more Vusers, the error display. The error like this:

Action.c(525): Error -26612: HTTP Status-Code=500 (Internal Server Error) for "http://epserver:50000/irj/servlet/prt/portal/prtroot/"

3) We try to use the SAP WEB protocol to test it ,the same error like this:

Action.c(98): Error -26612: HTTP Status-Code=500 (Internal Server Error)for "http://epserver:50000/irj/servlet/prt/portal/prtroot/"

4) Choose one report which no selection variable screen ,the user access the URL and get the result page directly. we can do the test for this type report with more than 10 Vusers using LoadRunner 8.0.

Make analysis with the two type report's script,we found the BI report which have selection variable screen recorded the scripts like this:

web_submit_data("", "Action=http://epserver:50000/irj/servlet/prt/portal/prtroot/",


"RecContentType=text/html", "Referer=http://epserver:50000/irj/servlet/prt/portal/prtroot/*mKg4A ggw7o2cRS_TL1fx2I2jeGg &NavPathUpdate=false&buildTree=false", "Snapshot=t21.inf", "Mode=HTMLITEMDATA,


"Name=BI_COMMAND-BI_ADVANCED", "Value=DLG_VARIABLE_vsc_DropdownVariants", ENDITEM,


"Name=BI_COMMAND-PASSIVE_ID", "Value=DLG_VARIABLE_vsc_DropdownVariants_combobox", ENDITEM,




"Name=BI_COMMAND_1-PASSIVE_ID", "Value=DLG_VARIABLE_vsc_CommonVariablesList_VAR_1_INPUT_inp", ENDITEM,

"Name=BI_COMMAND_1-PASSIVE_VALUE", "Value=2009.06 - 2009.07", ENDITEM, "Name=BI_COMMAND_2", "Value=", ENDITEM,



"Name=PAGE_ID", "Value=1_cEFZWUszaW1NTk5KalRqTCptS2c0QS0tZ2d3N28yY1JTX1RMMWZ4MkkyamVHZy0t", ENDITEM,


maybe the loadrunner could not compile/replay the BI_COMMAND rows successfully?

For the performance test for the BI java report, have any idea about that error? Or any difference special I should pay attention for BI/EP java report?

Thanks again.