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Oct 09, 2009 at 08:52 AM

PI 7.1 Archiving - Delete


hi Team,

We have PI 7.1 production environment and planning to implement ARCHIVING & DELETE for Integration Engine, Adapter Engine and Business Process Engine based messages.

I had referred to 'How to arhive & delete' doc that highly available in SDN but few question after going through the doc.

1. If a interface flagged for ARCHIVING then all messages in complete message status gets automatically Archived

2. And if interface not flagged for ARCHIVING then all messages of those interfaces gets automatically Deleted

Ofcourse on these both the cases, the corresponding action takes place only provided the retention period candition meets.

1. But Wondering, How about the messages that NOT successfully processed? Somewhere in SDN i red the NOT completetly proccessed messages require to be first 'Cancelled' and then they get marked for ARCH so that it gets archived! So in this case, both 'Synchronous" and "Asynchronous" not completely proccessed messages have to be marked for 'Cancel' before they get Archived?

2. Keeping this aside how the not completely processed archving, Why we need to archive the messages that are not completely proccessed in PRODUCTION environment?

3. In regards to 'NOT Completely processed' messages, I agree to certain extend that "All these have to be removed" from Database so that we gain disk space that helps improve the performance also? Please share your knowledge.

4. Either Archiving or Delete mechanism has any dependance or functional variations on Synchronous and Asysnchronous?

I highly appriciate all those add their knowledge here to clarify