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Oct 09, 2009 at 12:29 AM

WebDynpro table cell - Master column


Hi All,

I followed the blog by VS (/people/valery.silaev/blog/2005/06/13/master-of-columns-part-i) to show the KM files and folders in webdynpro table cell. Everything is fine, I could able to show the table with KM files and folders ( recursive with Master Column).

where if the user clicks on the arrow icon, table rows will be extended and user can see select child nodes.

Now the requirement is, I want the same functionality when clicked on the file names also ( tree expansion). Presently its working fine when clicked on arrow icon. I need to have a link to folder names when clicked on folder name, it should expand the tree structure and show the child nodes.

How could we do this????

(Note: this functionality is same as workset in a detail navigation of portal).