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Oct 08, 2009 at 05:42 PM

Patch Size ... Elephant in the room?


Hi Everyone,

I just downloaded yet another patch from the SAP Site today. And I said to myself as I have for years... u201Cmy god itu2019s even bigger!u201D

I started implementing and developing in SAP Business One in 2003.

I remember the first patch I downloaded was V6.5 Patch 05 which was 60mb...

Since then each patch has gotten steadily larger, now the latest patch is over 1.1GB!!!

This is madness... I mean come on... The concept of Patches has been around for thousands of years 😉 and I have never seen anything so inefficientu2026 The patches are bigger than the full install!

When is the patch department going to wake up? When we canu2019t even fit a Patch on a DVD???

Each patch should only contain what is needed to apply the changes between a major version or service pack. There is no excuse to have a patch over 200mb with such a small system.

So i start the conversation, im curious to know others point of view on the subject.



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