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Oct 08, 2009 at 03:50 PM

ABAVN - Asset Retirement without revenue


Hi guys,

I'm trying to execute an asset retirement through tcode ABAVN with transaction type '200 - Retirement without revenue' and I receive the following error message:

AAPO 123 - Asset &1 will not be deactivated, it has a net book value.

From the line items details (during the posting) i can verify that for the second Depreciation Area the net book value is not zero and for this the Asset will not be deactivated.

I checked following OSS note:

1018556 Error message for complete retirement and shift factor

954769 AAPO123 during complete retirement

725705 Problems for areas with asset-side support

610642 AAPO123: Fixed asset is not deactivated

591939 Fixed asset not deactivated after complete retirement

141656 Negative net book value, neg. APC, below zero depreciation

391341 Net book value for complete retirement after euro changeover

414047 AAPO123: assets are not deactivated

512128 ABAVN: AAPO123 fixed asset is not deactivated

498309 ABUM: Warning message AAPO123 with total transfer

486139 Retirement with revaluation: No deactivation/AAPO123

362694 New doc.structure (split prior/curr.-year acquistn)

443405 Translation of error message AAPO123 in English incorrect

431372 ABAP short dump "MESSAGE_TYPE_NOT_VALID" with postings

338943 AAPO123 for fixed asset retirement using ABAV/ABAVN

329281 Error messages in Asset Accounting which can be maintained

363465 Retirement: AAPO123 'Asset is not deactivated'

24065 AA641 or fixed asset not deactivated f.complete retirement

321389 Settlmt inv.measure: AAPO123 for collective settlmt

212554 AAPO123 w/total retirement w/sales revenue w/cust

1073267 AAPO 123 in asset retirement posting due to rounding problem

1175669 AAPO 123 for retirement or intracompany transfer

1045742 Prerequisite of 1175669

1073632 Prerequisite of 1175669

1083980 Prerequisite of 1175669

1103490 Prerequisite of 1175669

and only 1175669 can be implemented but it doesn't sovle the problem (the program doesn't access to the new code foreseen by this OSS note).

Do you know if there are others OSS notes I can check to fix this problem? My SAP version is SAP ECC 6.0.

Thanks and Regards,