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Oct 08, 2009 at 02:23 PM

PI 7.0: IDOCs struck in IDX5 with error "Time Limit Exceeded".


Hi All,

We have a File to IDOC scenario in PI 7.0. After mapping the IDOCs are posted from PI to ECC System.

On a normal day this interface works good, yesterday we received a huge file which resulted in the creation of about 25000 IDOCs from one single file. The mapping went fine, however the IDOCs created were not posted into ECC System. When we monitor the IDOCs using transaction code IDX5 in PI system, we found the error message as "Time limit exceeded", the user shown was "PIAFUSER". To overcome this error, we increased the time limit of PIAFUSER from default to about 1500 seconds.

Now, I want to push these IDOCs from PI into ECC System. Could you please let us know, how to push these IDOCs sitting in PI system to ECC?

We do not want to reprocess the file from the beginning. Please let us know if it is possible to push the IDOCs without processing the file? If yes, how to reprocess?

Thanks in advance.


Manohar Dubbaka.