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Oct 08, 2009 at 09:37 AM

ESS-MSS Initial Sizing


Hi All,

My client wants to implement ESS and MSS in their landscape. And for that we need initial sizing. For user base sizing I have number of different users (medium load users, high load users etc.) that will do load. What other things we need to take care while do sizing.

I have also gone through below link:

I have following questions :

1) In quick sizer tool, it is showing me different elements like ESS-leave, MSS-cost etc. and under these different elements it is asking for scenarios. What are these scenarios ?

2) Also for standard background sizing in quick sizer, it is showing me element HCM-PT etc. and under this it is asking for objects. What are these objects ?

Please give me suggestions for this and also what other factors shall i keep in mind while doing sizing for ESS-MSS ?