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Oct 08, 2009 at 08:34 AM

how to handle this scenario in selection screen?


hi friends...i have 2 radio-buttons (2 parameter fields below each) in one group..the need when one radio button is checked, i need two parameter fields below it to be input enabled and the other to be disabled, if another radio button is checked, then the former two will be disabled and the other two parameter fields to be input problems with this..i have written this functionality in at selection-screen output..i want to make each 1 parameter in the two groups to be using obligatory gives problems during at selection-screen output event, i want to achieve this functionality in some other event...i have tried the same in At selection screen on para_1 and at selection screen on para_2 fields, but am not able to achieve the desired default the first radio button is checked, if the user wants to click the second radio button, At selection screen on para_1 event gets triggered and it throws the error msg. for the first one & vice versa...can't handle this in start-of-selection event also, as it gives the error msg. in a blank new to achieve it??

i have checked quite a few SDN threads, but doesn't answer my question


Sathish R