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Oct 08, 2009 at 07:45 AM

internal order profit center change


Hi sap gurus,

I want change the internal order profit center but when iam changing the profit center the below message is coming

You changed the profit center; see long text

Message no. KO367


You have changed the profit center from 1110-P to 1610-P. This is only allowed when the corresponding configuration was made in Customizing. Then this message is only a warning, which you can ignore.


If you want to make it possible to change the profit center, you should change this message from an error message into a warning. To do this choose Adjust message control (Application area "KO", message number "367").

When you change the profit center, the last period should be settled and since then no more postings should have been made.


Order values can already have been updated on the profit center you are assigning to. For the new assignment, only the new order values on the profit center you are now assigning to are posted.

If an order is assigned to a profit center and the "Integrated Planning" indicator is set, plan costs can be updated in the future on the old profit center.