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Former Member
Oct 07, 2009 at 08:32 PM

Limiting 0FISCPER in LOV for WEBi in Designer


Is it possible to filter out 0FISCPER values that are less than a given year period combination. For example, when i run a query with Fiscal period as a filter there are options in there dating back to 1936. I went into to designer and went to the edit screen of the LOV and tried to add a where clause to try to filter this out. I tried adding [0FISCPER].[LEVEL01].[20FISCPER] > 'Z42000001. What i am trying to accomplish is 0FiscalPeriod key that are greater than period 01 2000. When i try to test in WEBi get an error that logs me out. I am guessing i am using the wrong syntax. Has anyone been to limit the list of 0FISCPER to relevant values in designer or is there a way to accomplish this in BEx Query Designer?

Thanks in Advance