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Oct 07, 2009 at 05:58 PM

Batch Numer in A/R Invoice


Hi to all.

We need to print the batch number in the A/R invoice, so we found that there is a system layout for that, this prints the batch number and its fine, but we create two user-define-values in the User-Defined-Fields MANAGEMENT in:

Inventory --- Batch Numbers for Items

So these two new values when we made a Good Receipt PO, when create shows the pop-up to write de batchnumer and these new.

We need to print that new values in the A/R Invoice.

Verifying the system layout in A/R invoice for batch numbers, I don´t understand how it could get that value if in that layout the batchnumber is variable.

Let me know how we could print the new values too.


Eric Partida.