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Oct 07, 2009 at 03:43 PM

how to check that field string is ascii<128


I have problem.

Is possible to check that FIELD that string is "ABC" or "non-ABC"

"ABC" mean is "A-Z", "a-z" , "0-9", "~`!@#$%&*()_+|{}:"<>?,./;'[]\"

Ascii < 128

Originally 128 first characters were defined in a character set known as ASCII.

"non-ABC" is out of this ,

Ascii > 128

I check ChrW(), that formula can help me?

Pseudo Code:

if {product.prodname} ascii < 128
"english name" & product.prodname
"non-english name. chinese name, japan name." & product.prodname

Any example please!