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Former Member
Oct 07, 2009 at 11:07 AM

Critical 3rd party Settings


Hi All,

I have these concerns which has been bothering me under 3rd party with Shipping Notification:

- Customer is directly delivered by my Vendor for a Qty of 50 against 100 Order. and then Vendor sends me Shipping Notification showing me 50 Qty as Delivered. My concerns are these

1. If the part is available then NO PR is required but if the Stock is not available then PR has to be generated. Now I completely understand that based on my BANC item Cat group , the PR generation is controlled. But what if I have to use Std item Group and decide on generating PR based on the scenario i have just mentioned at the begining of this line. Will we need a User Exit for this or configuration is available?

2. Since I will not be delivering to the customer directly , I dnt need to a delivery document. But I need to invoice my customer for 50 Qty from Sales order before the Vendor invoice comes in. For that as per the Best Practise I need to do a Dummy Goods receipt towards consumption(Virtual receipt) using the Shipping notification sent in by the Vendor. Now my question is what is the difference between Dummy Goods receipt towards consumption and Goods Receipt towards stock? How does the system knows that this part needs to be good received for consumption and not for stock. Is there difference in the MIGO process which differentiates this? Does anybody knows the technical difference in this?

3. Once the 50 Qty is received in (Virtually) the Sales order is updated to invoice only 50 Qty and not 100. How does the system knows that? My thinking its the Sales Doc item to Billing Doc item Copy contrl setting of Billing Qty Field responsible for this. Is that Right?