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Former Member
Oct 07, 2009 at 10:16 AM

ALV-Grid: How to display the number of lines that a sum consists of


Dear experts,

I'm dealing with the following user request:

in every total/subtotal line of an ALV-Grid the number of lines that went into the sum are supposed to be displayed.

In detail the question referred to a reports output, in which a currency related amount is displayed, automatically separated into the totals for every currency (generally around 10-15 different currencies). For every amount/currency combination the user would like to know how many single lines it consists of. I already tried to solve this with an artificial "counter"-field (INT4) which is initially set to "1" for every line, so that the user can do a sum on this field. In order to have those line counter sums for all the different currencies separately I added a reference to the currency field in the field catalogue (lvc_s_fcat-cfieldname). This seems to work so far, but now the linecounter value is displayed like a currency amount and apparently I cannot suppress that by setting lvs_s_fcat-NO_CONVEXT. This I cannot (respectively don't want to) offer to my customer. Does anybody know how to achieve this a bit more elegantly? Doesn't the ALV offer something for that? I couldn't find anything.

Thanks in advance