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Oct 07, 2009 at 10:00 AM

Relationship of AMC and EX lot size in MRP1


Hi Gurus,

Need you expert advice. I have this following scenario:

MRP type: VM

Reorder point =0

Safety stock is=0

Lot size= EX

Min lot size = 0

Procurement: F (external)

Total replenishment lead time = 0

Period indicator under Forecast reqmnts = M

Forecast model=G

Historical periods = 6

Periods per season = 0

Forecast periods = 1

Consumption values for 6 moths = 15.67

MRP was run but no PR was generated for the material. Reorder Point Level based on our customized program is equal to 3* basic value, Safety stock = Basic value and basic value = Minimum lot size.

Please advice why AMC has no effect on calculating the Min lot size on it's first run.