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Oct 07, 2009 at 09:41 AM

File 2 Proxy, error when ignoring all the file lines


Hi, Iu2019m doing a file 2 proxy scenario and Iu2019m mapping only the file lines that contains a key field with 10 chars (and ignoring the lines where the key field is 13 chars).

The problem is, when all the lines of the file have to be ignored (because the ID length is 13), the message mapping crashes. Iu2019ve changed the occurrence of the message in the message mapping signature but still is giving me an error when there arenu2019t valid lines on file.

My question is: Is possible to detect a file without any valid ID in the receiver determination to avoid calling the mapping? I think itu2019s not possible because I donu2019t know how to check the length of a string with xpathu2026

But if I canu2019t detect this files, how can I solve the problem of empty target message after the mapping?