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Oct 07, 2009 at 09:09 AM

Overriding the default "date-based" restrictions in time reporting


Hi all.

When using CATS/ESS for reporting time on tasks / roles there are some built in date based rules which limits when time reporting is possible.

The cProjects 4.5 (SP05) help describes this as follows for a task-based set-up



The system creates a worklist in CATS to enable you to record your time for a role or task. The system selects all objects (tasks, project roles, or project definitions) to which you are assigned in the confirmation time frame:


If you set up confirmation via tasks, the worklist displays all tasks for confirmation to which your user is assigned by means of a role for the confirmation time frame and which have been released. For the confirmation time frame, the system first checks

the time frame you specified on the Staffing tab page. Then it checks the time frame you specified in the Tasks Assigned to Selected Project Role group box on the Tasks tab page. If you only made entries on one of the tab pages, these apply.


Put differently there is as I understand it a two-step check against the date that the user is trying to report on

a) check against dates in staffing tab of role

b) check against dates in the "tasks assigned to selected project role" tab of the role

The requirement we are looking at now is to make this check a bit more loose. An example could be to say that time reporting is OK as long as the dates lie within the projects scheduled dates.

Any comments / experiences around this? Possible? I assume one would need to try to influence how the worklist is built up.

Best regards / Anders