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Oct 07, 2009 at 02:49 AM

Enhancement on MIRO


Hi All,

My issue is as below:

When user created a new Invoice in MIRO, it will take Payment Term from PO and calculate the Due On Date under Payment tab in Header.

But for certain PO and Invoice, it is using Split Payment which is means multiple Payment Term is used and the amount is split.

For SAP standard Split Payment Term, when the invoice is new created, the Due On Date is calculated based on the 1st Payment Term entered by user in PO.

For example:

Baseline Date: 07/09/2009

Payment Term: 45 days

Due on Date: 21/11/2009

After the invoice is created, if user never go to the Amount Split tab in the Header, and save the recode. The payment term 45 days will save in table RBKP.

But if user navigate to Amount Split tab and then leave the tab, it will perform a validation. If the Split Payment Term is exist, then it will remove the payment term 45 in the stored structure.

As result, the Due on Date at above will become 07/09/2009 because there is no payment term exist now.

During the Save, the payment term 45 also not save in table RBKP. So when we use MIR4 to display the saved invoice, the Due on Date still showing 07/09/2009 but not as above.

The request from user is that the Due on Date must always take the 1st payment term entered in PO to calculate the Due on Date and show it correctly on screen, and then save the payment term in table RBKP.

Even user navigate between Amount Split tab and other tabs, the Due on Date still must calculate based on the request logic above.

I did try all User Exits and Badi for MIRO but non-of it is applicable for the request above.

Can anyone please help on this?

Our SAP version is 4.6c so some of the Badi i saw in the forum is not exist in 4.6c.