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Oct 07, 2009 at 12:52 AM

Concat UDF in mapping Question



I have this requirement:

hi experts,

I have a question in mapping,

Can some1 help me pls:

Scenario: Input to UDF will be 2 Queues Q1 and Q2,

Q1 to hold true/false value

Q2 to hold actual values that need to be passed to target.

1. output should be produced from Q2 depending on the condition @ Q1 as described in the sample below:

q1 | q2 | OUTPUT


1 True |JFK |JFK

2 True |Intrnl |Intrnl

3 True |Airport |Airport Drive

4 False |Drive |NY 98787 country

5 True |NY |blablabla

6 False |98787 |

7 False |country |

8 True |blablabla |

Basically look @ Q1 if we have a true followed by a true then put values of Q2 in a separate line in OUTPUT.

If True is followed by 1/more number of False then the values corresponding to that in Q2 should all be concatenated.

Please help me out guys,

I have actually begun coding the UDF but nt able to debug this correctly and facing issues.