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Oct 06, 2009 at 09:36 PM

Issue converting with function ToNumber



I have in one infocube a ratio with datatype Quantity [QUAN] and it's an attribute from a Z infoobject when i create the universe was datatype char and it's qualification = detail.

When i list in a webi reports appears like 0.125L, 0.175L because the unit of measure is Liters i create a variable with the following formula =ToNumber(Replace([Factor Convertir Litros];"L";""))

And shows in the cell #ERROR

When i try only =Replace([Factor Convertir Litros];"L";"") appears 01.25 and 0.175 but the ToNumber not works and i need this variable with datatype number in order to do some calculations.

In Bex Analyzer exists the function NODIM to eliminate the unit of measure, also i try to create in the universe as datatype number but also i get errors.

Somebody can help me please

Regards Marvin