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Oct 06, 2009 at 05:31 PM

SORTing problems


Ladies & Gentlemen

I am facing a very peculiar issue with a simple SORT statement.

The scenario is this:

1) Generate a table of Sales Unit for F4 in the sales order item. The default order of display should be Ascending by SU.

Now if i look at std. SAP, the FM F4_ALLOWED_QUANTITY_UNIT gives out a table TQTUNITS, which is sorted as


inside the call of FM RV_HELP.

This is all std. SAP and we have just created entries in the table.

This SORT sorts the data correctly 1st time. Howeever, if i change the data at line item, say PLANT the SU's are re determined and then this SORT gives out the data in DESECENDING order. if in debug, i go back to the SORT and F5 it again, it sorts the data correctly. i am really confused why this is happening.

Any pointers to notes or some data data i need to reset or look into?

PS: i have already checked the tables are all refereshed correctly and there are no other SORTS on this very table.