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Former Member
Oct 06, 2009 at 04:24 PM

Installment Plan Migration failing (Emigall)


Hi all,

I'm trying to migrate installment plan data using the INSTPLAN object. I can upload successfully as long as I'm only migrating ONE payment. The problem is when I try to migrate multiple payments. The way I read the docs, I should just be able to send multiple IPDATA rows with the payment amounts and due dates, under one IPKEY row.

I've pared my data back to just sending as follows:

  • IPKEY row with current dates

  • IPDATA row with due date 20090129, amount due 14

  • IPDATA row with due date 20090228, amount due 14.56

  • IPOPKY row with a Document id that relates to a single open item of 28.56.

I have verified in FPL9 that my open item is indeed that amount 28.56. But the error that I get is:

"Sum total Inst. Plan is not equal to the original receivables"

So this makes me suspicious that I've done something wrong in the IPDATA rows - maybe it's recognizing only one of them?

Can anyone shed some light on this subject for me?