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Oct 06, 2009 at 03:03 PM

TMS Slow



We had a 3 tier ECC5 landscape, Dev, QA & PRD on a local 1GB network located in the same server room, DEV is our TMS domain controller and we have recently migrated it to VM Ware at a different site, which is 100 miles away on a 100MB network connection, shared with other systems.

Since then, transports have been allot slower transporting from our DEV system to QA (to be expected), QA has quite a few clients, so I have tried to restrict which clients transports are going into on QA for customising, is there anyway we can speed up TMS at the QA site ? it looks like each transport is being read from DEV to import into each QA client, I would expect the transport to be read once, then imported into all QA clients, but the import phase on each client takes the same amount of time, so is there a way to cache these locally on QA to improve the import speed, or any options like that?

Has anyone done anything like this ?