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Oct 06, 2009 at 02:02 PM

SAP BW Query Selection support


Hi all,

I am working with the SAP INT KIT 3.1 and based some reports on WebI (OLAP UNIVERSE). Some queries used are containing Selection object in the Key Figures structure (not Formula!) where some restriction had been set. This restriction are using characteristic which are using a node hierarchy variable.

When we run the webI report based on the underlying OlapUniverse we get an error (classic in this forum : wis 10901). We alreday apply the SAP notes 1007048. And we are sure that nothing is wrong on this side.

We made a test and modify the query according some help catch in this forum and delete the Selection, put the characteristic in the "Characteristic Restriction" with the Node Hierarchy variable and re-build the Olap Universe. We then run a new WebI that was successfully displayed with the variable Hierarchy Node.

We assume that the BW Query Selection feature is not properly working with Characteristic using restriction based on Hierarchy Variable Node.

To the question why we not use the other working solution is simple. Because the requirement need this Selection in order guarantee a correct display of 2 different Key Figures. A IS vs PLAN display using different Hierarchy Node is actually what we need there.

Let me know if someone is having an idea about it.

Thank you and cheers,