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Oct 06, 2009 at 01:53 PM

PI transport issue - 3 tier naming convention


Hi ...

My dev-qas-prd sytem each has its own SLD. Although it is not required in this case I still named my business systems as ECC_DEV - development, ECC_QAS - qualityand ECC_PRD - production and used transport targets to mapthe systems. The target for my ECC_DEV is ECC_QAS and the target for my ECC_QAS is ECC_PRD.

In the DEv SLD I created all the 3 Business systems ...and I moved the entire SLD content to quality and production.

When I moved my transports to quality - I included the ECC_DEV BS along with the other objects and saw in the QAS system a corresponding BS - ECC_QAS was created. I used CTS Plus for the transport.

However when I moved the same transport to production I got this error -

ECC_DEV obligatory transporttarget for business system ECC_DEV not found...

Can someone valiadate if my trnasport lane setup is right? QAS has the source as dev...and PRD has the source as QAS?

(or Should PRD pointing to dev too?)

Edited by: Arvind Ravindran on Oct 6, 2009 9:54 AM