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Oct 06, 2009 at 12:23 PM

F.05 Revaluation - 4 Questions


Hi Gurus,

Q1. F.05 run once; if we try to run it again, would it post the document of revaluation again which would duplicate the entry..? (Functions selected / checked would be posting and revaluating GL accounts)

Q2. F.05 run once, in another currency, for example INR. Now want revaluation in USD to be posted. Possible..? But how..? Wouldn't it duplicate the last run..?

Q3. Do we have to run F.05 in background or foreground (Execute)..? For background, the further processing is through SM37, where the print command is given..right..??

Q4. What if there is duplication, how shall we reverse the FX Document type data..?? Through FB08..??

Q5.In our scenario, we have run the revaluation, but the document hasn't been generated yet. What could be the reason..??

Points available. Thanks.