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Oct 06, 2009 at 12:09 PM

count problem


hi all

In BKPF table according to usnam and blart i want to

make a count .

my input is only username and document type

in my output i get the username document type and coount

For eg. in my input if username = xyz and doc type = KR

the count in another column shud be displayed

cn u pls help me by saying how to do it..

thanks alot

i have pasted my coding here , the count part alone i dont

know how to do it...

count  = '1'.
loop at it_bkpf  into wa_bkpf.

wa_final-usnam = wa_bkpf-usnam.
wa_final-blart = wa_bkpf-blart.

read table it_t003t into wa_t003t with key blart = wa_bkpf-blart.
if sy-subrc = 0 .
wa_final-ltext = wa_t003t-ltext.

*if so_usnam = wa_bkpf-usnam and blart = wa_bkpf-blart.*
*count = count + 1.*

append wa_final to it_final.
delete adjacent duplicates from it_final comparing blart.