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Oct 06, 2009 at 11:17 AM

Problem with ALV export to


Dear Friends,

We are not able to use the open office functionalities in ECC 6.0

Here is what is happening:

We try to download any output from a standard transaction using "List --> Export --> Spreadsheet and select 'Star office 8 Calc / 2.0 Calc".

At the pop-up, we store the file at a specific path, with name abc.

Next, we get a pop-up "text-import -abc.ods" where we need to select the character set etc.

Whatever the comibnation of selections we use on this pop-up, we end up with a file opened with html code on it.

Please let us know what could be the problem - version problem or configuration problem or what else. We are using 2.4.

Advance Thanks...