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Oct 06, 2009 at 10:11 AM

Problem with loading data by Load planning area ver. /sapapo/rtsinput_cube


Hi All,

As part of FYV changes, we have taken a backup of the live cache, created another duplicate cube (droping the FYV). Then de-initialized the planning area and again intiliazed the planning area.

We want to load the entire 5 yrs data for 47K CVC in 12 KF.

We are facing 2 problems,

1. The data load is taking place huge time. Tried parallel processing and excluding the zero values. But still it is taking more than 10 hrs for just 5K CVC. Am i missing anything or need to it in some other way.

2. Checked the data for few CVC(10-15) by loading into planning area. We observed that data is getting doubled. It was working ok in Dev, but in Quality it is having this problem.

Appreciate your expert help/opinion on above problem.

Thanks & Regards

Shankar Dhangar