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Former Member
Oct 06, 2009 at 08:39 AM

Deleting EO- Delivering Messages in Adapter Engine


Hi All,

I am facing an usual issue with my production PI BOX. From the subject itself you can come to know, what is my issue is..

Anyway let me explain.

We have so many interfaces which are all using JBDC connectinon to connect to different target applications. As you all know, messages in ADAPTER engine have gone to Delivering status for some reason. I am aware it is a temprory status and it cannot be deleted manually.

And important thing here is, i do not want these message to go to target application anymore. The data was sent already . If i do the restart of JDBC service/Messaging System Service/ J2EE stack some of these message may go through to tha target appication.

My questions are

1) How should i delete these Delivering messages ? Should i delete it directly in PI data base? If yes how should i ?

2) Is there any JOB or configuration change in VA which allows us to hande this?

I have gone through alomost all blogs/Threads/OSS notes.

Please advice.