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Oct 06, 2009 at 03:01 AM

consolidation of investments



We are using the purchase method in consolidation of investments, the system is calculating correctly all, the minority interest, the goodwill, the amortization of goodwill, the clearing of investment and capital.

The problem is that our client needs to calculate a kind of "minority" amortization of goodwill,

this is, is similar to the calculation of minority interest but in this case is for the amortization of goodwill. So, if we have in Profit and Loss statement the amortization of goodwill, our client (in Mexico) needs the minority of this. So, this minority in P&L could be calculated like (100% - %group share) * Ret Earnings of the subsidary.

Could you tell me if there are any option or method that I could use for solve this question?

Thank you.

Eliza Echavarria