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Oct 05, 2009 at 06:25 PM

Typical requirement - Help needed!!


Dear all,

I have the below requirement. I have 2 keyfigures.

1. Allocated Qty (from APO)

2. Order Qty (From ECC)

I have Allocated Qty in Cube1 and Order Qty in Cube2.

I have built a multiprovider on Cube1 and Cube 2 and my report looks like this.



Remaining Qty = AllocQty - Order Qty

However, I have Sales Document in Cube2. When I drill down Sales Order into the report my report looks like this since I dont have Sales Order in Cube1.




But my requirement is even if I pull the Sales Order the report should showthe allocqty like below



Can any one help me how I can achieve this. Is this possible in BEx. I dont want to go with the change to Database option if this can be done in the Query. I have used the Constant selection feature but it adds up all the values.

Any one has a solution to this? If not possible in BEx what is the best way to do it in the backend at the cube level. This is simple example I have put here but my cubes are much more complex than what I have given here.

Any solution would be highly appreciated.