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Oct 05, 2009 at 05:02 PM

Send PDF via Mail-Adapter


Hi everybody,

I created a PDF via JAVA-Mapping.

The output looks like that:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><MT_PDF><root><![CDATA[%PDF-1.4%u00E2u00E3u00CFu00D32 0 obj<</Filter/FlateDecode/Length 982>>streamxu0153u00BDWMu008Fu00DB6 u00BDu00FBWu00CCq tYR u201Dtu00CC&u00DB4Eu00BBAvu00BD=u00E5"u00DBu00B4u00A5Vu00A2 Ju00EA u00FEu00B3u00B9u00E4gu00E4u0090u00A1,u00A5u00B68u00DCu00CA-  2$u00CEu00BCu00F7f8Cu2018u00FAu00B8u00B8Y.B	)u2014u00B0u00DC,8\u2039u00D8u00DEu00FCu00F8u201C u00C1au00B9]\u00DDu00E5u00EBu00E2Iu2022
lu201Du0081u00C7u00BAu00C9u00DBCu00D3u00AA  Vu00AA Uu00A9?[u00B3u00D7eu00B3.T
u00AFu00F3Vu00E9u00BCkZu00BCu00D6u00C5u2039u00E5 u2039+u00B0u00FF u00F8 u00BF3*#u0178u00FEu0192* u00EC00000 n 0000002734 00000 n 0000002779 00000 n trailer<</ID [<ca60f9e260ef64a25c246ec3c3ed990c><2d7c208ead758f0d17ca56caeaf47802>]/Root 7 0 R/Size 9/Info 8 0 R>>startxref2901%%EOF]]>

When I just generate the PDF without the <tags> and test the mapping and download the result as *.pdf, the PDF is OK.

But I have to send the PDF via Mailadapter. So I have to wrap the generated PDF into <tags>. It seems, that the adapter has problems with the special characters.

Could you suggest workarounds?

Could MessageTransformBean help? How do I have to use it?


Regards Mario

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