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Oct 05, 2009 at 02:07 PM

Resolve Map Mismatch: Not Working


This was originally posted in the Crystal Reports Design forum. It was suggested that I post it to the .NET Development forum. Although I don't think it is particular to .NET, since I can reproduce the issue outside of the .NET IDE, in the Crystal Reports Designer (which I must use anyway in order to have the "resolve mismatch" option)

Using a Crystal Report, version XI, Release 2 within a .NET win forms application (Framework 1.1). The report contains a map object that highlights states in the USA and Canadian provinces. When using value 'AZ' for the map, it maps to Armenia instead of Arizona. Washington state also maps incorrectly. I opened the report in Crystal Reports Desinger (since Visual Studio doesn't seem to have the "resolve mismatch" option). I map AZ to USA (it comes up as Europe by default). I map AZ to the state of Arizona. The map changes and displays Arizona highlighted on a USA map correctly in the designer. Save the report. Open the report back up, and AZ is mapped to Armenia again. Why isn't the change holding? Why does it insist on Armenia for AZ? Thanks.