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Oct 05, 2009 at 12:24 PM

SLD: SAP CR not updated in target SLD when using export/import


Hi Guys

I have read in the SLD planning guide that an export/import with export line will import CR (Component Repository data) as well as LD (landscape data) and NR (Name Reservation).

However when I try to do this by:

1) Export ALL (Full) from a source SLD (with SAP CR content version = "SAP_CR 5.0")

2) Import this export file to a starget SLD (with SAP CR content version = "SAP_CR 3.0")

then the SAP_CR version is not changed in the target SLD. (Can be seen under "Administration -> details -> Data")

The two SLD do have the same version (7.0) and CIM model 1.5.42.

The import have the following error, but I don't think this is the reason for the above mentioned problem:

233 objects failed to load:

CIM_ERR_FAILED: Qualifier MAX(1) violated for property reference SAP_SPFeatureStackSoftwareFeature.Antecedent: SAP_SPFeatureStackSoftwareFeature.Antecedent=ref"SAP_CoherentSoftwareUnit.IdentifyingNumber=\"01200314690900000164\",Name=\"1\",ProductName=\"SAP XMAM\",Vendor=\"\",Version=\"SAP MAM 2.5 (ON ME2.1)\"",Dependent=ref"SAP_SupportPackageFeatureStack.CollectionID=\"012003146933000000761\""


Tom Bo