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Oct 05, 2009 at 11:02 AM

BD87 hide "idoc entries in tRFC queue" by assigning to status or other meth



I am working on the inbound side of an idoc interface for message type MATMAS. My problem is that when I enter in BD87 there are more than 400 hundred entries in "idoc entries in tRFC queue". Now, whatever filter I put on the first screen this line appears. Even, if I enter with a specific idoc number. These entries are obviously outbound errors and are completely irrelevant to the interface I am working on but will make the reprocessing screen unnecessarily complicated for the users. So, basically I want to allow the end user to filter out these messages.

I noticed that the errors "idoc entries in tRFC queue" aren't associated to a status and I was wondering if it is possible to give them a status value and so make them sensitive to a status filter. But if this isn't possible any solution to hide these error messages from the end user would be equally valid.

I know someone will probably suggest that the best solution would be to remove all old entries from tRFC queue in SM58 and that there shouldn't be so many idoc in entries in the tRFC queue. The problem is that it is not my role to monitor tRFC in production and if it has not been regularly monitored up to now then it probably won't be in the future.

Many thanks in advance,