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Oct 05, 2009 at 10:41 AM

Creating / Changing functional location - Use of BAPI BAPI_FUNCLOC_CHANGE


Hello together,

I want to use function module BAPI_FUNCLOC_CHANGE (resp. BAPI_FUNCLOC_CREATE) for changing not only R/3 standard fields but also customer fields which are contain in customer include CI_IFLOT.

The problem ist that the interface of BAPI_FUNCLOC_CHANGE does not contain customer fields. Is there a possibility to extend the existing interface (structures BAPI_ITOB / BAPI_ITOBX and BAPI_ITOB_FL_ONLY / BAPI_ITOB_FL_ONLYX)? Could I use the customer include CI_IFLOT in BAPI BAPI_FUNCLOC_CREATE or BAPI_FUNCLOC_CHANGE?

Best regards,