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Oct 05, 2009 at 10:32 AM

performance problem on Function Module


Hi Experts,

We are facing performance problem on RKWTPBTC program's background job when i checked from sm50, job status is sequential read from table AUFK and its oracle process is using half of all cpu, i've updated the table statics but nothing changed,

i displayed the source code from oracle sessions; source code is a Function Module (customer developed) ;

data: aufex like aufk-aufex.

aufex = ''.

select single aufex into aufex

from aufk

where objnr = objnr.

RTABLE_VAL-period = period_from.

RTABLE_VAL-value = aufex.

append RTABLE_VAL.


I've run the abap trace from se30, and the result is execution of DB %99,8 , hints shows the most Gross value is in the same Function ;

Job completed in 3 days, i am not a abap developer, could you please tell me your recommendations,

Best Regards,