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Oct 05, 2009 at 08:01 AM

System Jobs do not run due to lock on completed job



we having a very slow CPS system.

By searching for the reason, I found out, that a completed system job (job definition name of the completed job: System_DeleteJobFiles) is locking all the other system jobs.

When I try to remove the completed system job. I am getting the informaiton, that the job lock System_Maintenacne_Lock is in used and this is the reason, why the completed job can not be deleted.

We are having this lock in 12.08.2009, and the files system is continue to grow.

Did anyone of you had something like this too?

What had you done to solve this issue?

We are running the lastet version of CPS (Build: M28.11-34167) for NetWeaver 7.01.

My guess how this happend: a crash on the J2EE Server.

Restarting the whole system, does not solve the issue.

Many thanks for your feedback.

Best regards

Carlos Behlau