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Oct 05, 2009 at 07:48 AM

Relation ship between settlement and DP91


Hi Pete,

I need a clarification.

We have Project and the WBS elements of the project are linked to the line items (acount assignmnet tab) of sales contract.

Now after confirmation of the activities in the network(listed below the WBS element),we used to run DP91 by giving the Contract number in the DP91 entry screen. Then it pulls up the actual in activities below the WBS and creates Billing request. But we are facing a strange scenario in PRD client.

We started confirming the activities in the project from August and Settlement run happened on 08/31/2009 and 09/30/2009. Now If i run DP91,by giving the posting date as current date,its throwing me the error as "character. Combinations W/O Mat. Assign. in DIP Profile " ,

But if run the DP91 by giving the period as 8 and posting date to as 08/30/2009 its working fine.Also If if give the period as 9 and posting date to as 09/29/2009,its working fine.If it is the case..what is the link..logically speaking this not happen and DP91 is independent of settlement...Pl clarify.