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Oct 04, 2009 at 11:01 PM

Get the selected table-row (link) before navigation to the subview


Hi Experts,

I have two UI tables (tableA and tableB) on two tabs in a tabstrip. these two tables have different context nodes (tableA_node and tableB_node). The content of these two tables are links.

With a click on a link in a table row, a Subview will be called with a table and it's supply function (supplyC).

I have another Context Node (tableC_node). Two UI tables (tableC1 and tableC2) are bound to this ONE context Node. The Supply function supplyC is defined on This Context Node. This function should provide the data for both tables C1 and C2.

How can I make a query in the supply funktion to find out which link was selected before the supply

function was called, was it a link from tableA or a link from tableB?

I hope I could explane it clearly otherwise I will try to explane it better maybe with some additional coding.

Thank you for any help

Kind regards